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Employers warned to seek professional help before considering dismissal

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December 11, 2014, London, UK. Press Dispensary. In spite of repeated political promises to 'cut red tape' and adjust the balance of employment rights, the UK remains a country where an employer has to consider dismissal very carefully to ensure it is fully compliant, as Aberdeen City Council discovered to its cost last week in a case where an employee was awarded almost £40,000 for unfair dismissal.

"This sort of case is not isolated," warns Christie Moore, chief investigator at Private Investigators UK, whose investigators regularly scrutinise disciplinary cases on behalf of employers, "and a £40,000 award is just the tip of a large iceberg. Employers need to take note."

The Evening Express in Aberdeen reported last Wednesday that council employee Veda Golconda was awarded £38,394 in compensation and another £1,200 for fees after an employment tribunal heard how he was sacked having been "singled out" over the use of the internet for non-work purposes, a practice which the tribunal's Judge Hosie said "was widespread and had been condoned by his line managers."

And earlier this week, Personnel Today reported that the same council had lost another case this year in which a social worker was dismissed for gross misconduct but an employment tribunal rejected the claim and awarded him more than £18,000.

"It's too frequent that cases come up where an employer does not have sufficient grounds or, very often, where there is a valid reason for dismissal but because the employer has not carried out the process in a fair and open manner, a tribunal rules in favour of unfair dismissal. It can hit the most experienced of employers."

Private Investigators UK recommends that any employer considering dismissal for gross misconduct gets expert help. Skilled private investigators can look comprehensively into allegations of misconduct and provide valuable evidence so that employers can make informed decisions.

"A poorly managed investigation into gross misconduct can turn out to be very costly," concludes Christie Moore. "It can prove far, far more expensive than seeking professional investigative help. Private investigators can bring a wealth of experience to the case, with the knowledge and expertise employers need to carry out fair and thorough investigations and really get to the truth.

"Our advice to employers large and small that find themselves considering a dismissal is simple: seek professional help."

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