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Private investigator encourages care home abuse victims to come forward

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February 03, 2015, London, UK. Press Dispensary. Following several high profile cases of abuse in care homes over recent years – not least the 2011 undercover filming by the BBC's Panorama at Winterbourne View private hospital near Bristol – a number of local authorities are now doing more to monitor the way adults in care homes are safeguarded. And sometimes, despite the aftermath of the 2011 shocks, this monitoring reveals new, serious safeguarding alerts. These, according to Private Investigators UK ( (, create a legitimate concern for relatives and friends.

It was reported last week* that Middlesbrough Council has been probing its own policies and has found that from 2013 to 2014 there were 1,100 alerts in the town's care homes, of which 312 were regarded as serious. Private Investigators UK notes that these were only the cases that were reported: many more go unreported, which can be agonizing for people who worry about whether their loved ones are being treated well.

There are often further anxieties about what should happen if a victim of abuse, or a victim's relative, wishes to make a report. Will they be taken seriously, will they be able to prove their case and are they putting themselves at risk of further abuse? Private Investigators UK offers help in this area.

Christie Moore of Private Investigators UK said: "Abuse in care homes is more common than people think. It can be extremely distressing and can ruin people's lives. We advise anyone who is a victim of care home abuse, or who knows a victim: please act as quickly as possible and contact us immediately."

She continued: "There is no shame in coming forward and reaching out for help. That's what we're here for. Private Investigators UK has skilled and capable private detectives who know what they're doing and will investigate an allegation speedily, professionally and discreetly, to find solid evidence against the abuser and to stop the abuse.

"Our advice is to come forward straight away. Put a stop to it today”

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* Darlington and Stockton Times, Jan 22, 2015:

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