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As British adulterers lead world, private investigators warn of dark side

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February 16, 2015, London, UK. Press Dispensary. Adultery seems to be on the rise, not only as a result of chance encounters or office dating that goes too far, but as a deliberate act by spouses setting out to cheat on their partners. ITV News reported over the weekend that more than one million Brits have joined the US dating website Ashley Madison, which has the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair"(1). And the site's chief executive, Noel Biderman, told the Sunday Times that the UK was ahead of the US and Latin America in likelihood to commit adultery(2).

"The idea of setting out to have an affair may be making the headlines but it has a much darker side," warns Christie Moore of Private Investigators UK. "For every man or woman having a fling, there is a partner at home, possibly with children, suspecting or wondering if they're being cheated on. And as the headlines grow, so too will the number of people having doubts, rightly or wrongly, about their partner's faithfulness."

This is where Private Investigators UK can help.

Christie Moore continues: "If someone suspects their partner of cheating, it can be important to find out the truth, not just to learn about an affair but to put minds at rest if, in fact, there is no affair. However, finding out the truth can be extremely difficult if someone is skilfully covering their tracks, and that's where the experience and expertise of matrimonial private investigators from Private Investigators UK can be of immense value. Our investigators can provide crucial evidence regarding adultery and can use surveillance to track the whereabouts of a cheating partner at all times, providing indisputable proof, with photos or video, of exactly what has been going on.

"This can be particularly important if there is money involved and watertight evidence is needed to ensure the proper handling of financial matters. The private investigators at Private Investigators UK have a great deal of experience in this area."

Christie Moore concludes: "Not knowing whether an affair is being conducted is the worst possible position. Being reassured that it isn't can be a valuable outcome. And if there is adultery, the cheated partner may or may not decide to do anything straight away but knowing for sure is crucial, as it provides control. Hiring Private Investigators UK to handle a case can provide that knowledge and control."

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