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Matrimonial investigators join call for new divorce and separation laws

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March 12, 2015, Press Dispensary. A major private investigation agency is joining calls to bring the divorce of married couples and the break-up of co-habiting couples into the 21st century. Private Investigators London today announces its support for a proposal by Resolution, a leading family law organisation, which asks politicians to update family law, particularly when it comes to property rights for co-habiting couples.*

Christine Alexander for Private Investigators London said: "According to latest official statistics, there are now 2.9 million co-habiting couples, which is 11% of all households**. The co-habiting couples can often have as many property and financial commitments as married couples but not the same legal protections.

"Our private investigators who specialise in relationship investigations might just as easily be acting for someone in a co-habiting couple as in a married couple and can face the same relationship issues, from infidelity to financial wrongdoing and much more, but their co-habiting clients do not have the same legal rights in the event of a break-up."

The Resolution initiative, endorsed by Private Investigators London, takes the form of a manifesto aimed at influencing the UK's political parties in the run up to the May 2015 general election. It focuses on areas where it says the laws are 'unmodern' and desperately need change.

Ms. Alexander continues: "The law in this area is hopelessly out of date and just doesn't reflect the reality of families, relationships and households in 2015. Marriage needs to be on less of an old-fashioned pedestal and other types of families and households need to be recognised for what they really are."

According to the Guardian, the Law Commission recommended law reforms in 2007 but no legislation ensued, leaving "nearly 6 million unmarried people living together, many under the illusion that they have the same rights as married couples if they separate."*

The Resolution manifesto calls for a legal framework of rights and responsibilities to provide protection for unmarried couples and fairer outcomes at the time of separation or on a partner's death.

Christine Alexander concludes: "We can see the sharp end of this lack of legal protection when we help a client who has been treated badly by a partner in one way or another. We will have helped the client to understand exactly where he or she stands on the facts but then it's down to the law and the recognition that things are very different depending on whether they are married or co-habiting."

The manifesto was launched in February 2015.

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