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Parental phone tracking app e10p launches for Android

2016-05-19     Permalink:: http://bit.ly/e10p-uk
 E10p mobile app helps parents keep track of out-and-about children
 Monitors GPS positioning and battery levels, sending customisable alerts by text and email
 Answers the old 'my battery died' excuse for not keeping in touch

E10p low battery alert email
E10p low battery alert email
May 19, 2016, Birmingham, UK. Press Dispensary. E10p is the newly launched "Emergency 10 Percent" app for Android phones, announced today, to help the nation's parents keep track of their roaming children and others whose whereabouts need to be known. The brainchild of Birmingham, UK, based Duncan Ridler and Nick Firth, the e10p app (www.e10p.com) monitors a mobile's battery level and GPS position, alerting parents or carers when the battery is low, enabling them to establish the phone's whereabouts and optionally switching it to power saving mode, to prolong the remaining battery life.

E10p developer Nick Firth explained: "One of the biggest worries for parents these days is keeping in touch with their children when the young ones are out with friends. A child will often be carrying a mobile ... but whether they answer it is a different matter. And how often has every parent heard 'My battery died' as a reason for not keeping in touch?

"E10p means that a dead battery, or general lack of communication, no longer leaves a parent or carer at such a disadvantage. They will have fair warning of when a battery's about to go, they can extend its life using the power saving mode and, using GPS, can see where the child is at that point - or, indeed, at any other time. If the child is somewhere risky or if it's time to come home, the parent can respond accordingly."

E10p works by continuously monitoring battery levels and tracking the mobile's GPS position. When the battery runs low, those monitoring the phone can receive instant alerts via text message, email or both, giving them that last 10 percent (or whatever is chosen) of power to get in touch with the phone's user or otherwise keep an eye on their whereabouts. Meanwhile, the app's power saving mode can play a critical role in helping to keep the phone alive for longer.

To save a child's embarrassment in front of friends, the app gives no on-screen indication that it is sending out a message.

The app is password-protected, so that the child cannot alter the parent's settings, and it has options to set the low battery level to suit circumstances (it is not restricted to 10 percent) and to create a custom list of multiple recipients to receive alerts. Other choices are whether to have GPS on or off and whether notifications for each recipient are by text, email or both.

Nick Firth continues: "The name e10p originated from our time at school in the 70s and 80s. Like most children, we were given 10p to keep safe for emergency phone calls home. E10p is the 21st century equivalent.

"But e10p is not only for children. It can help anyone who may benefit from being checked by carers and loved ones, including those living with dementia and other conditions, and people visiting or working in vulnerable locations."

E10p requires Android 4.1 and up, and is now available for (initially) free download from Google Play (bit.ly/e10pGPlay). The Apple iOS version is expected later in the year.

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E10p low battery alert email e10p functions screen
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Notes for editors
E10p was open beta released in April and is fully launched today by The Big Peg, which was set up in Hockley, Birmingham, UK, to develop and market e10p. The business employs three people.

For further information, please contact:
Nick Firth, development partner
Tel: 07846 532556
Site: e10p.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emergency10p
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emergency10p

Google Play: http://bit.ly/e10pGPlay

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