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New website cuts the cost of Xmas and day-to-day shopping

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Justlooking.com is an innovative new site for finding huge savings on everyday products and special one-off purchases, such as TVs. Hot consumer deals are crowd sourced and ranked real-time by the community. All revenues are shared with the site's Contributor users.

November 23, 2016, London, UK. Press Dispensary. JustLooking.com publicly launched a new social deal sharing platform in October, just in time to help consumers through the Black Friday and Christmas shopping period. It has received a strong initial reception and currently draws over 22,000 unique visitors per month.

The site provides a platform for visitors to share and rate hot deals and significant discounts on just about any consumer product, and currently has over 3,900 active deals listed.

Based on the power of social sharing and incentivised crowd sourcing, JustLooking is a significant enhancement over existing deals websites. Uniquely, JustLooking shares 50% of its profits with contributing users based on their activity. JustLooking believes that rewarding members ensures it always has the best and most up to date deal information available. JustLooking further removes the problem of bias and self-promotion inherent in most deal websites by subjecting all deals shared to member review and voting. This keeps the site unbiased and ensures the best deals are displayed prominently.

"JustLooking aims to disrupt the deals and coupons business that has grown markedly in the UK over the last 5 years by building a positive community around sharing great consumer product deals," said Keith Taylor, JustLooking.com CEO and founder. "I have long believed there must be a better way of finding and sharing great deals: one that is unbiased, and rewards members who do all the hard work. I created JustLooking based on this philosophy, and it's really exciting to see it now live and taking off".

our exclusively community focused approach will help our users both save and make money
Keith Taylor

JustLooking has entered a highly competitive market, with an estimated 7.2m unique users in the UK checking some form of deal website at least monthly. Keith Taylor commented: "We are confident that our exclusively community focused approach will help our users both save and make money, and that we will rapidly become the leading UK site to discover and share deals and bargains."

JustLooking is completely free to use. The new website can be accessed at http://www.justlooking.com (http://www.justlooking.com) and further details about the philosophy and approach of JustLooking are contained on the About page.

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Notes for editors
JustLooking.com is a community driven deals site. Deals are posted and voted on by members, and members share in the site's overall profits based on their activity. Following over a year of active development, JustLooking started Beta testing in August 2016. The site went fully live, including contributor profit sharing, in October 2016. The website was founded by Keith Taylor, MBA, a self-confessed deal nut and father of four.

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