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Time2 announces Clan – its ecosystem of connected, intelligent smart home and security devices

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Launch products for Clan, from Time2
Launch products for Clan, from Time2
November 07, 2018, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. Press Dispensary. Time2, the UK home technology company, is today announcing its partnership with Tuya Smart, the global AI + IoT platform, and is unveiling Clan – its ecosystem of connected smart home devices based on Tuya Smart technology. On Thursday, 8 November (tomorrow), it will launch an initial range of home security cameras and more, operating in the new Clan environment.

Pitched at all UK households, Time2’s Clan devices (www.time2technology.com/en/) will make it easy for consumers to protect, monitor and enhance their homes.

Worldwide,Tuya Smart (en.tuya.com/company) serves hundreds of millions of consumers in more than 200 countries, and the partnership gives Time2 a best-in-class, proven platform to underpin Clan.

Time2 CEO Kam Kothia said: “Our launch of Clan, and our partnership with Tuya Smart, enables us to offer the broad sweep of UK households a newer, easier way to protect their homes and enrich their lifestyles, simply and affordably, with truly excellent products. The intelligent 21st century home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Initial products focus on home protection and monitoring: three models of home security camera, priced from £39.99, as well as smart light bulbs and a smart plug socket. In early 2019 Time2 will add a video doorbell, smoke detector, flood sensor, motion sensor, door and window sensors, alarm siren, light switch and thermostat, with more to follow including a smart lock and other small, smart appliances.

Ease of installation is a key feature for Clan, with little or no manual configuration needed, and all Clan devices can be operated from anywhere via a single smartphone and tablet app, as well as by voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. For those who want it, there is also a sophisticated array of scheduling and automation tools powered not only by day and time but by such features as sunrise, sunset and weather conditions, to name a few.

Kam Kothia continued: “Our aim is to offer our UK customers the largest range of life enhancing, smart home products, easy to set up and use, working seamlessly with each other, compatible with Alexa and Google Home and backed by Time2’s unrivalled UK-based support.”  

Eva Na, Tuya Smart’s VP of Marketing and Strategy, said: “The partnership between Time2 and Tuya is a major step forward in the UK’s and Europe’s booming smart home and IoT markets. The connected, intelligent future is on its way and Tuya is delighted to be sharing that future with Time2, which is ideally placed in its local market. By leveraging the strengths of Tuya and Time2, we are confident of seeing the arrival of the easy, comfortable smart home in the UK.

The launch of the new Clan-based range will be celebrated on Thursday 8 November with a 25% discount for customers purchasing on the day, and with giveaways and prizes throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter and the Time2 website.

The Clan app, Clan at Home, is available now to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Launch products for Clan, from Time2Kam Kothia, CEO
Sophia with Clan at Home appSophia, Oscar and Olivia (L-R)
Sophia, from Time2Oscar, from Time2
Olivia, from Time2

Notes for editors
Kam Kothia is available for interview and Time2 devices may be requested now for authentic press product reviews.

About Time2
Time2 was founded in Blackburn, Lancashire, in 2011 by eBusiness UK Limited as a consumer electronics company and now specialises in smart, connected devices for home security and home enhancement.

Time2’s mission is to provide universal access to technology that has the power to enhance and enrich lives by helping to create happy, secure, protected homes. Time2 is known for excellent customer experience, backed by its dedicated, UK-based customer support team.

About Tuya Smart
Tuya Smart is a global AI+IoT platform and one of the largest voice AI interactive platforms in the world. Tuya enables products to be smarter for consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers, and retail chains and provides users with a one-stop AI IoT solution that covers hardware access, cloud services and app software development. With Tuya's cloud covering more than 200 countries and regions, it has served over 93,000 clients worldwide, connecting hundreds of millions of consumers with over 50 billion daily device requests and more than 20 million daily AI interactions. Tuya’s cloud service, which has accumulated data upwards of 15PB (petabyte), complies with high-level encryption technology to guarantee its clients’ data security with GDPR certification.

Founded in 2014, Tuya Smart has offices in Silicon Valley, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and has data centres in Portland (Oregon, US), Frankfurt (Germany) and Hangzhou (China). https://en.tuya.com

A more comprehensive backgrounder can be found at http://bit.ly/Time2bg

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