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Next Step Now helps family-run businesses to be sustainable from generation to generation

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Christine Dawood (colour)
Christine Dawood (colour)
February 12, 2019, SURREY, UK. Press Dispensary. “The first generation builds it, the second grows it and the third one blows it.” This sums up the fate of many family-run smaller business. Only two thirds make it to the second generation, fewer than half of those make it to the third (1) and only 16 out of 100 survive to the fourth generation (2). Next Step Now ( is a coaching consultancy that helps family-run businesses in London and the South East of England to address the causes and tackle the changes needed for a business to thrive from generation to generation.

Next Step Now is owned and managed by Christine Dawood, a highly qualified organisational psychologist, executive coach and agent for change who specialises in supporting business families with what she calls the “softer” issues, such as building operational capacity and setting boundaries in the light of such commonly troublesome issues as succession, competency in upcoming generations and – important but seldom acknowledged – family rivalries.

With two masters degrees – one in Occupational and Business Psychology, the other in Consulting and Coaching for Change – and a host of other relevant qualifications, Christine and Next Step Now offer a range of supporting tools in the fields of training, coaching and empirically based psychometric testing.

Christine said: “To help carry family-run business over to a new generation, Next Step Now provides a full package that helps the business family with individual and group coaching, awareness training and psychometric profiling to identify talent as well as to give a holistic understanding of the family team’s strengths, weaknesses and culture, and to learn how family members’ personalities and motivators may support or hinder a family team’s effectiveness in reaching its goals.

“In short, we help business families to maximise their capacity and manage any barriers to growth by creating a safe space to approach internal challenges and become a more joyful and cohesive team.”

Everything is laid out in detail on Next Step Now’s newly launched website at ( , where there is also in-depth profiles of Christine herself, with further background on the Next Step Now blog ( Businesses can start the process with a free Next Step Now consultation. They can find out more at ( or make contact using the details below.

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Notes for editors
Next Step now was founded by Christine Dawood in October 2018 and has just launched its first website at .

Christine Dawood grew up in the Bavarian Alps and gained her first degree in engineering in order to join her parents’ home-textile business. Since then she has founded an organic agriculture business in Punjab and managed her family’s business office in Singapore, where she found a fascination for group behaviour and to help family leaders and teams to meet their full potential. This led her to return to academic studies, gaining two separate masters degrees and a range of other certificates and professional body memberships which in turn led to the service she now provides through Next Step Now.

Christine says of herself:
“I specialise in supporting business families to build their capacity to operate within the business and help to set boundaries so that neither the business or the business family suffers.  Furthermore, I coach individuals and teams to increase resilience, enhance well-being, overcome blocks of change, build self-awareness, and to support their self-development.”

(1) Azucena, V., Idoia, I., Covadonga. (2009). Gender Influence on the Succession Planning in Family-owned Businesses. University of the Basque Country.
(2) Dyer, W. G. (1986). Cultural change in family firms. Jossey-Bass Inc Pub.

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