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Nexor Publishes its Statement of Approach to the Intellect IT Supplier Code of Best Practice

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November 08, 2005, Press Dispensary. Nexor ( (, a provider of high-assurance messaging and directory services to the military, has committed to adopting the Intellect IT Supplier Code of Best Practice, which aims to raise standards within the UK IT industry, and is one of the first companies to publish its Statement of Approach to the code.

First introduced in 2004, the code comprises ‘Ten Commitments’ which improve the procurement and delivery of major IT programmes by setting standards ‘across the board’. Intellect, the trade association for the UK hi-tech industry, has published the first Statements of Approaches from companies which have adopted the code. The recently published statements are designed to provide Government customers with a clear understanding of how companies intend to comply with the code, in terms of process and behaviour.

Following publication of the initial Statements of Approach, Nick Kalisperas, director of Intellect, said: ‘Government and industry have been criticised in the past for IT project failures. The creation of the code demonstrates that the IT industry is striving to improve its performance and establish recognised standards of best practice. Companies which produce Statements of Approach fully intend to provide higher levels of service and project implementation.’

He adds: ‘The time has now come for customers in the public sector to diligently embed the code, recognise its value and reward those companies who are adopting it. We will work closely with both OGC and the e-Government Unit to ensure this happens. No longer is it acceptable for organisations and individuals to argue that the IT industry is not reforming its behaviour.’

Nexor is an active member of Intellect and has enthusiastically embraced the code from the start, closely following its development and making a decision to adopt it in November 2004. Nexor is now one of the first seven companies to publish its Statement of Approach.

Nexor’s Statement of Approach focuses on building strong and lasting relationships based on mutual respect and understanding; delivering services to time, cost and quality; achieving excellence in all customer-facing disciplines; and generating customer satisfaction.

Sarah Hinchliffe, director of sales at Nexor, comments: ‘It is high time the IT industry rearranged its practises so everybody is working to the same, high standards and clients have reasonable expectations of what suppliers can deliver, and vice versa. The adoption of the code will go a long way to persuading the industry to ‘sort its house out’ by providing a much-needed blueprint.’

In adopting the code, Nexor analysed the ‘Ten Commitments’ and assessed their relevance to its role as a sub-contractor in the supply chain. Each of the commitments has been mapped to existing processes and policies, and a gap analysis has been undertaken to show areas of existing strength and areas for improvement. The Nexor business improvement programme is a well-established initiative that continually assesses business performance, whether in relation to ISO 9001, BS 7799, BS15000 or other aspects of best practice. Changes to processes and policies required to achieve compliance to the code will be managed within this framework.

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About Nexor
Nexor provides high tolerance messaging and directory services to governments, the military, financial services and corporate sectors. Founded in 1990, the company specialises in delivering formal messaging for critical environments where the value of communications are high and the need for secure, reliable and auditable handling is paramount.

About the Intellect IT Supplier Code of Best Practice
The IT Supplier Code of Best Practice is part of a series of activities which aim to raise standards in the IT industry. Led by Intellect in conjunction with the Senior IT Forum, the code gives the industry an opportunity to draw together best practice as it has evolved in recent years. It reflects the various ways in which IT services are provided; whether through projects and programmes or ongoing application management and service delivery. It is based on input from a variety of key customers across the public sector and supplier community. OGC and Intellect believe the application of the code by customers and suppliers will drive up success rates for IT projects and improve the ongoing delivery of IT-based services. See for more details.

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