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Strapitz on Crocs
Crocs, die beliebten kunterbunten Gummiclogs, sind bereits seit mehreren Jahren weltweit der große Renner – Fans der lässigen, superbequemen Treter finden sich sogar in Hollywood und im Weißen Haus. U...
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Strapitz on Crocs
Crocs have been the shoe success story of recent years and now there’s a new way for fans to personalize their favourite footwear with the launch of Strapitz, a range of replacement heel straps that w...
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Strapitz were designed by Hype Type Studios and launched in June 2008. Strapitz Ltd was founded in 2007 by Martin Womersley and Zeb Peters, who had previously worked as part of the sales team selling Crocs in the UK. It manages distribution of Strapitz in the UK, and has agreements with a number of European distributors.

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