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UK laser eye surgery clinics chain, Optimax, introduces new generation lasers into clinics to improve speed, safety and comfort of procedures.
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British adventurer escapes fire from bandits at Kenyan border

Spencer Ken Tan
Spencer Conway, British solo motorbike circumnavigator of Africa, escapes with his life after encountering armed bandits at the Kenya / Tanzania border.
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Laser eye surgery patients now ‘armed with the facts’ before treatment

A new study reveals that laser eye surgery patients are nowadays less concerned about price and more about the laser used during their treatment and their surgeon's credentials.
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Hectic lifestyles boost uptake of laser eye treatment in UK

New-look Optimax website
Recent study shows that laser eye surgery is now much more a lifestyle choice, a help in balancing jobs and family life, working longer hours and taking a greater interest in personal fitness.
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A space age procedure enters the digital age

Laser eye surgery celebrates its 21st birthday at the end of 2009. It has become the most commonly performed private procedure in the UK, with half a million people having the treatment to date. Aroun...
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British explorer prepares for record breaking solo circumnavigation of Africa by motorbike

Spencer Conway & bike
With support form Prince Harry, Richart E Grant and Bear Grylls, adventurer Spencer Conway embarks on first ever Motorbike circumnavigation of Africa, following laser eye surgery by Optimax.
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Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Clinic, Milton Keynes - Entrance
UK leading laser eye surgery provider Optimax is continues aggressive nationwide expansion with launch of treatment clinic in Milton Keynes...
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Goodie bags at dawn for the UK’s leading Laser Eye treatment provider

Laser eye surgery competition winner, Tanya Stacey
Laser Eye Surgery fever grips London’s Earl’s Court as laser eye treatment specialist Optimax unveils its stand at the ‘Ten Years Younger’ live exhibition.
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See us at 'Ten Years Younger Live', 3-5 July, 2009: free tickets available

Optimax 1
Optimax will be appearing at the 10 Years Younger Live event at Earl’s Court, 3-5 July, 2009 and invites journalists to trial its laser eye treatment.
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Founded in 1991, Optimax is a laser eye treatment specialist. It has performed over 285,000 treatments and currently has 23 clinics nationwide.

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