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How One Veteran Trader Makes His Killing in a Falling Market

Vince Stanzione - Financial Trader and Entrepreneur
An interview with veteran investment trader Vince Stanzione, who shows how money could be made in the very recent falling markets...
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Frustrated Over-50s Fire Investment Advisors
Personal investors their 50s and beyond are firing their city advisers en masse and taking on their own portfolios themselves, says the latest findings from the annual investor survey.
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Global Financial Trading Day
A Eurozone deal to bail out Greece could be extremely damaging for the Euro long-term and should be avoided, warns controversial trader and investment coach Vince Stanzione, as Angela Merkel and Georg...
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Vince Stanzione
Study of financial trading shows over 50s are most successful, profitable traders and investors, ending myth that risk and results are the stuff of youth.
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Financial trader, trainer and author

Vince Stanzione is a self-made multi-millionaire who currently lives most of the year between Spain and Monaco and trades his own funds, mainly in currencies and commodities.

He also teaches a small number of students, he produced the best-selling course on Financial Spread Betting and he is the author of author of 'How to Stop Existing & Start Living' and ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’. He is also the Spread Betting Expert for Growth Company Investor and writes monthly columns for The City Magazine, Canary Wharf and Vicinitee Magazine.

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