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Thanks to London Summer Jam ‘Art Project’ completion, closing date 29 June 2012

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London Summer Jam announces its Art Project giving artists a chance to exhibit at a UK festival taking place in September. Closing date is 29 June, 2012.
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London Summer Jam announces a key live music feature - 'Electric Jam City' - for those who like to jam plugged into their amps, to be hosted by legendary music venue The Fiddler's Elbow.
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London Summer Jam (#LSJ), a large-scale jam music festival that will take place in London after the Olympics - in September 2012 - is seeking partners to get involved and enjoy significant joint publi...
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About London Summer Jam

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London Summer Jam (#LSJ) is a large-scale jam music festival that will take place in London after the Olympics, in September 2012. A fresh kind of music festival, #LSJ will feature jamming sessions, opens mics and a main stage for performances that will be championed in the run-up to the event. The festival will give signed and unsigned artists exposure all year round through its social network sites, co-hosted advertising, and on-going dedication to providing promotion and support. LSJ will be the first large-scale music jam festival to take place in the UK.

More than just a summer festival, #LSJ features a variety of year-long music industry services, including artist promotion/development and fan base establishment/expansion. #LSJ’s centrepiece – the September 2012 music festival – will provide an opportunity for bands, solo artists, music industry professionals and fans from around the world to gather together, mingle and experience music via live performances, jam sessions and workshops.

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