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Dry Patch® Velo Seat Cover  - Brown or Black
Dry Patch is a bicycle and motorcycle seat cover that is 100% waterproof and enables the estimated 1.5m 2-wheeled Capital commuters to arrive at work without an unsightly damp patch on their posterior...
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About Dry Patch

bicycle accessory producer

Dry Patch is a London-based company that caters for the thousands of people who commute to work on a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. Thanks to being 100% waterproof, its Velo Seat Cover and Moto Seat Cover ensure that cyclists arrive presentable at work, without unsightly damp patches on their bottoms. The latest product from Dry Patch is the Foldaway Emergency Backpack, which clips under the saddle and can then be unfurled and used for tasks such as picking up a parcel or food shopping en route to the office.

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