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Forever Unforgotten. Swansongs - http://swansongs.com

Swansongs Legacy Pack
The new Swansongs service will archive and then deliver letters containing messages and memorabilia to any part of the world on any specified date over the next century.
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About Swansongs

Future legacy gifts and messages

Swansongs is being launched by Jason Moore, who already has a highly successful retailing business in Milton Keynes, UK, that includes extensive mail order fulfilment. Swansongs is presently in its crowdfunding stage, with the full product launch coming in September 2017. Offers and discounts may be available to publishers, to support competitions and promotions.

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Jason Moore
Phone: 01908 639553
Email: info@swansongs.com

Site: swansongs.com
Indiegogo: http://bit.ly/swansongs-igg
Facebook: foreverswansongs
Twitter: @FiveSwansongs

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