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MSM Beauty Cream
MSM (The Beauty Mineral) - a source of beautiful, radiant, glowing complexion and clear, healthy looking, youthful skin - is being introduced into two top skin care products from Raw Gaia.
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Raw Gaia, a Brighton-based natural skin care company, announces the launch of an unusually pure range of hand-crafted creams, moisturisers, lip balms and massage bars made using only 100% organic, raw...
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About Raw Gaia

Skin care

Raw Gaia was started in Brighton by Lisa Lennon and Hector Bolanos during 2006. For many years, the couple searched for the ideal moisturiser, made with ingredients as fresh and close to nature as possible. Unable to find anything suitable, Lisa started experimenting in the kitchen and making her own creams. Eventually, she came up with a product that is one of the purest creams on the market. The success with this cream led her to develop a range of other skin care products.

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