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What is RSS?

In a sentence, RSS news feeds allow you and others to pick up news headlines from this site as soon as they're generated, and to include them in your own site or read them on your desktop using an RSS reader. An RSS feed can also be submitted to news sites and news aggregators - as well as discussion and blog sites - to give stories a far wider coverage and increase the number of people clicking through to read the full story.

If you want to know a little more, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian provide useful guides.

To receive Dry Patch's RSS news feed on an RSS reader
Simply add this address to your news reader:

New Dry Patch headlines should automatically appear in your reader whenever they're added to this site.

To submit Dry Patch's RSS news feed to an RSS news site or aggregator
Different sites have different requirements but the basic principle is that you simply submit this address: http://www.pressdispensary.co.uk/ rssfeed/q991931/rss.xml.

As well as submitting the feed to under a general heading, it's a good idea to submit it under relevant subject headings. New Dry Patch headlines should automatically appear on the news site whenever they're added to this site.

To display the RSS news feed on your own site The huge benefits of displaying this feed on your own site are that you can integrate it fully into your site and manage its appearance any way you want. And because its headlines will update automatically, you only need to do the work once. It enables you, for example, to set up a 'News' column on your home page - or even a whole news page of its own - without having to create and manage an entire press centre.

There are many ways to add an RSS feed to your site, and a search engine will quickly show you any number of scripts and techniques. The easiest way, we believe, is to add a few lines of PHP code to your site page(s). If you don't presently use PHP for your site, you should find that most decent ISPs will enable/support it provided you give your page the extension .php instead of .html.

Here's an example PHP script which should work on your site to display Dry Patch releases:

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