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Press Dispensary terms & conditions

Press Dispensary is a service run by Press Dispensary Limited, a company registered in the UK. By using Press Dispensary, any of its products or services or the website at the domains or, and specifically in the event that you place an order with Press Dispensary, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out immediately below.

Within these terms and conditions, "we", "us" and "our" refer to Press Dispensary and its appointed agents. "Our website" means the website operated by Press Dispensary and accessible at the domains and, together with any other websites operated by Press Dispensary in connection with its services. The word "order" refers to any order for, commission for or booking of our services and training including, but not by way of limitation, any press release service, press officer service, media centre, consultancy and entry to any event, training course or masterclass.

Start of services

  1. In placing your order for our services, you are ordering them irrevocably, you are accepting these terms and conditions of use and you are agreeing to pay us for our services at the rate advertised or otherwise agreed in writing for those services.

  2. We reserve the right not to begin any work on your behalf until we have received full payment from you for such work and full payment of any other outstanding money owed by you to us; any delay on our behalf while awaiting payment should not be construed by you as a cancellation of the order or a waiving of your liability to pay for the order.

  3. We do not undertake to provide any service until we have confirmed by email or otherwise in writing our acceptance of your order and we reserve the absolute right to refuse any order for any reason without incurring any liability to you. As examples, but not by way of limitation, we may refuse an order because in our professional opinion we consider the subject matter to be not newsworthy enough or the content or writing style to be inappropriate or content to be libellous. We will inform you as soon as possible of any such refusal, generally within 2 working days or less.

  4. Once we have confirmed by email or in writing our acceptance of your order a binding agreement governed by these terms and conditions shall exist between us and payment shall be irrevocably due from you.


  1. All orders and payments for press release, press officer and media centre services are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

  2. Bookings for events, training courses and masterclasses may be cancelled up to 14 calendar days before commencement, subject to a cancellation fee of GBP £50. Cancellations made 14 or fewer days before commencement shall attract no refunds and you will remain liable for the full fee. We may from time to time and only at our absolute discretion agree to transfer you to a later event, course or masterclass in which case you shall be liable to pay a GBP £30 transfer charge together with any price difference should the price for the later occasion be higher but we shall not be liable to pay you a refund should the price of the later occasion be lower.

  3. Our services are charged in UK pounds sterling. If you wish to pay in another currency, you must first ask us about it and you undertake to pay any costs associated with conversion of your payment to UK pounds sterling, whether commission, bank charges, handling charges, interest, variations in exchange rates or other associated costs. We reserve the right to refuse non UK sterling payments.

  4. You hereby warrant that any credit or debit card you are using to pay for our services is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the payment.

  5. If your order is accepted and you have supplied credit or debit card details to us, your credit or debit card will be charged immediately without further reference to you.

  6. You acknowledge that payment by cheque may take several days to reach us and several more days to be cleared into our account. You agree that you will not have paid us until payment has cleared into our account.

  7. You acknowledge that payment by electronic transfer (for example, but not by way of limitation, BACS payment or internet banking transfer) may not always be received by us on the day that they are initiated by you. You undertake to give us notice via our website or by email or in writing of the exact date and amount of any electronic bank transfer and you accept that payment shall not have been made to us until we have received such notice from you and until such payment has cleared into our account. We accept CHAPS payment by prior arrangement and provided you pay any bank fees associated with the transaction but you acknowledge that CHAPS payments may not always be received on the day that they are initiated.

  8. If your order is accepted by us but your payment is not honoured by your bank, card provider or other agent, or is rejected for whatever reason by our agents, you hereby undertake to use alternative means to pay us in full immediately. In the event that two payment attempts fail, you will continue to owe us the payment but we reserve the right to terminate our agreement without incurring liability to you.

  9. In the event that any payment owed by you becomes overdue by 28 days or more from the date of our invoice to you then without prejudice to our other rights and remedies
    1. you will be liable to pay us a flat fee of GBP £15 for each statement of account or reminder to pay from us whether provided by post, email, fax or phone call

    2. you will be liable to pay us interest on the amount payable at 5% above the prevailing base rate of the Cooperative Bank plc, the interest accruing on a daily basis from the date the payment becomes overdue until we have received payment in full of the overdue amount together with additional charges, bank charges and interest

    3. we reserve the right to suspend or withdraw our services at any time and to reinstate such services only when we have received payment in full of the overdue amount together with additional charges and interest; during any period of suspension or withdrawal of services, fees and charges for such services will remain payable and will continue to accrue

    4. we reserve the right to place a notice in lieu of any press release or press office on our website and any other websites owned or managed by us and to issue notices to the media and to any subscribers or users of our services, the wording of such notices to be as we deem fit

    5. we reserve the right at any time to instruct a third party to collect the overdue amount and you will be liable for all costs, fees, charges and interest incurred as a result of such an instruction.

  10. if we offer you the facility to pay for ongoing services by recurring monthly or quarterly payments and you choose to accept the facility
    1. except where otherwise explicitly and clearly stated in writing by us, the services will be provided on a rolling annual basis and you will be liable to pay for them on a rolling annual basis; our provision of a facility for you to pay for any service on a monthly or quarterly basis does not imply that the service is provided on a monthly or quarterly basis and should not be construed that way by you

    2. except where otherwise explicitly and clearly stated in writing by us no refund shall be due to you for services cancelled by you during the first year, and thereafter each party undertakes to give the other 30 days notice in writing of cancellation; where no such notice has been received such services shall continue and you shall be liable for payment

    3. you shall be responsible for making arrangements to ensure that each monthly or quarterly payment reaches us by the due date; in the event of failure to pay by any due date for whatever reason, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer, whereupon the full annual amount will immediately become payable and must be settled within 14 days of the failure to pay

    4. From time to time we may provide you with documentation or refer you to a form on a website for the purposes of arranging a credit or debit card payment, direct debit, recurring debit, standing order or electronic payment of funds and in all cases you will be responsible for the veracity, accuracy and completeness of information you provide via such documentation or form.

  11. all invoices, statements of accounts, reminders to pay and other notices sent to your last known postal address, email address or fax number will be deemed to have been received by you; you are wholly responsible for informing us of any changes to postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, bank accounts and credit or debit cards

  12. We will charge VAT at the current UK rate in addition to all prices stated on our website.

Execution of services

  1. We will endeavour to deliver services within 5 working days of accepting of your order or within 5 working days of receiving cleared payment from you, whichever is the later. You accept that we may be unable to deliver services in a timely manner if delayed by circumstances outside our direct control such as, but not limited to
    1. delays requested or imposed by you

    2. insufficient information or materials provided by you or your agents

    3. limited availability or unavailability of information, materials or people recommended or suggested by you

  2. If you need to change your order or the information supplied by you, or you become aware of errors or omissions of whatever cause which require correction, it is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible and we shall endeavour to incorporate such changes or corrections.

  3. We reserve the right to make additional charges where we incur additional work as a result of
    1. changes or corrections to your order

    2. changes, corrections, errors or omissions in any information or materials provided by you, by your agents or by people recommended or suggested by you as consultants or sources of information, materials, advice or quotations.
    Where we make such an additional charge and such a charge is not at a rate advertised on our website, we will set the charge at a reasonable level and we will not begin the additional work until you have approved the charge by email or otherwise in writing.

  4. Where additional work results from errors or omissions on our part, we will not charge you for the additional work and we will endeavour to complete it in a timely manner.

  5. Delivery of our services cannot be guaranteed over weekend and bank holiday periods.

  6. We may from time to time advertise premium services, such as same day and next day turnarounds, at increased or premium charges. Delivery of these premium services will be subject to
    1. prompt payment by you

    2. prompt availability of information, materials and content from you
    3. timely availability of people recommended or suggested by you and prompt availability of information, materials, quotes and other content to be provided by such people.
    We reserve the right to refuse an order for a premium service if we do not have the staff and resources available or if we otherwise believe we cannot fulfil the order

  7. We undertake to provide our press release, press officer and media centre services to the best of our professional ability but we make no guarantees about the receipt by and response of recipients and other third parties.

  8. You hereby agree to abide by our professional advice regarding the newsworthiness of a press release subject, the writing style of a press release and realistic target addressees for press release distribution.

Our website

  1. Our services are for sale subject to these terms and conditions which are published and republished from time to time on our website. We reserve the right at all times to change without notice these terms and conditions and any other information, descriptions and prices given on our website or in any other Press Dispensary literature, advertising or publicity. The terms and conditions applying to any order will be those that appeared on our website at the time the order was placed.

  2. We attempt to ensure that the information available on our website is accurate. However, we do not guarantee that it is fault-free. We do not accept liability for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies but will do our best to correct any that occur as quickly as possible after being notified of them.

  3. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of content on third party websites that we may link to or from our website.

  4. Any liability we may have for losses or claims arising from an inability to access our website is excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law. In no event shall we be liable for any loss of profit, revenues, savings, goodwill, opportunity or any form of damages arising from the use of our website, except where such liability cannot be excluded by law.

  5. We reserve the right to refuse the publication or display on our website of any image, press release or other document for whatever reason.

  6. Our website places cookies on website users' computers and by using our website you agree to our doing so.

Writing services

  1. Any press release or other document written by us on your behalf will be crafted by a professional copywriter/journalist with a proven track record.

  2. The maximum copy length of any press release is to be no more than 600 words or the equivalent of 2 pages of A4 paper, whichever is the smaller, unless explicitly agreed by us in writing.

  3. A single draft press release will be offered to you for your amendments or approval. Should you require amendments to this single draft, a second draft copy will be offered to you for your approval prior to delivery, publication or distribution but any amendments to this second draft or the writing of any further drafts will be charged at the price stated on our website at the time of placing the order.

  4. The service of writing a press release or other document means the writing of that single press release or document and does not of itself include any other service such as distribution or syndication, nor does it include follow-up or any other support following delivery.

Distribution and syndication services

  1. For each press release that we distribute by email on your behalf we will
    1. compile a carefully targeted press list from our internally held records

    2. offer you a single draft list of intended recipient publications, excluding contact details and individuals' names, for your amendments or approval. Should you require amendments to this single draft, we will offer you a second draft for your approval before we begin distribution.
  2. we normally distribute and promote press releases through a variety of technologies, channels and services. Our website is actively searched and referred to by a number of third party distributors and syndicators. We do not and cannot guarantee the presence of, takeup by or referral from any third parties.

  3. Once press release distribution or syndication have commenced it will not be possible to terminate such operations or to recall information or materials

  4. Our internal media records are regularly updated and monitored for accuracy. We seek to maintain a very high rate of successful delivery but we do not guarantee receipt by any individual addressee or group of addressees and we do not undertake to ascertain the success of individual deliveries.

  5. the services of distributing and syndicating press releases does not include follow-up or any other post-delivery or post-syndication support, except that
    1. where recipients of press releases contact us for further information, we shall endeavour to pass their enquiry on to you or to direct them to make contact with you.

    2. we may have reached separate agreement with you for follow up activity or other post-delivery or post-syndication support
  6. All press enquiries will be directed to you unless you and we have agreed otherwise by email or in writing prior to the commencement of distribution.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse distribution, syndication or other publication of any press release or other document for whatever reason.

Confidentiality, privacy and copyright

  1. You hereby warrant that
    1. all the information, materials, images and other content you provide to us in connection with any order are truthful and correct and are not subject to any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement which may inhibit their disclosure in the public domain or to members of the press

    2. you have obtained for yourself and for us all necessary consents, approvals and licences for use, disclosure and publication of any information, materials, images or other content provided or authorised by you, whether originating from you or from third parties

    3. we can freely use, quote, disclose, distribute, display, publish, syndicate or otherwise show or disseminate any information, materials, images or other content provided or authorised by you in connection with any order and you warrant that in so doing we will not infringe any copyright or other intellectual rights of yours or of any third parties.

    4. Where you indicate clearly in writing that information or material is confidential, such confidentiality will be observed by us.

    5. Other than information or materials intended for inclusion in press releases or other disclosures, we are committed to maintaining your security and privacy. Our privacy policy is published and available for inspection on our website.

    6. Copyright and all other intellectual rights in any media distribution lists provided by us will remain with us. You hereby undertake not to disclose the contents of these lists or otherwise infringe our intellectual rights in them.

    7. Once a press release or other document created on your behalf by us is delivered, distributed or published by us on your behalf, copyright and all other intellectual rights in the content of such release or document shall automatically become vested in you provided that you have paid us in full all money due and provided that you hereby grant us the irrevocable right in perpetuity to
      1. display such content on our website and include it in our public feeds

      2. continue syndication of such content

      3. include such content in our public news feeds

      4. quote such content in part or in full for marketing purposes on our website and in marketing materials that we may from time to time produce
      except where you and we have clearly and unambiguously agreed in writing to do otherwise.

    8. You hereby grant us the right, free of charge, to use your name and logo or other identifying symbol or mark for marketing purposes on our website and in any marketing materials that we may from time to time produce.


  1. In placing an order with us you
    1. acknowledge that prior to publication, distribution or other dissemination we offer you the opportunity to approve or amend the content of any image, press release or other document written, distributed, published or otherwise shown or disseminated by us on your behalf

    2. agree that in approving any image, press release or other document for distribution, publication or dissemination of any sort by us, whether or not such a press release or other document was written by us, you entirely accept responsibility and liability for the truth, accuracy and legal use of such image, press release or other document, and warrant that such image, press release or other document, or any part of their content, does not
      1. breach the laws of England and Wales or of the country in which you are registered or in which you live

      2. breach any international conventions, codes or regulations applicable to the internet

      3. infringe the copyright or other intellectual rights of any third party

      4. misrepresent, defraud, libel or defame any organisation, business or individual

      5. promote violence, sadism, cruelty or racism, or incite racial or religious intolerance or hatred

      6. incite, promote or glorify acts of terrorism or hate crime
    3. undertake to indemnify us, our directors, employees, contractors, agents and affiliates and you undertake to keep the same fully indemnified against all proceedings, losses, claims, liabilities, damages, legal costs, charges and expenses of any nature arising out of or in connection with any liability, action or claim that such image, press release or other document violates any provision contained in clause 36ii.

Force majeure

  1. Neither you nor we can be held liable for any delay resulting from a cause or circumstance beyond the affected party's reasonable control, including (but not limited to) war, acts of terrorism, civil disorder, industrial disputes, inclement weather or acts of central or local government, provided the affected party is not negligent and notifies the other party as soon as reasonably possible. The affected party must endeavour to minimise the effects of such delay.


  1. The failure of either party to pursue or enforce any right granted by these terms and conditions may not be taken as a waiver of that right and may not prevent the later exercise of that right.

  2. Our relationship with you is that of independent contractors dealing at arms' length. This agreement does not make us partners, joint venturers or co-owners, nor does it make either party the agent, employee or representative of the other.

  3. These terms and conditions contain the entire agreement between us and you and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between us, whether oral or in writing. If any provision is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it may be treated as omitted and may not be permitted to affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder.

  4. We have the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without warning or notifying you.

  5. Any decision made by us in respect of our services is final.

  6. Every contract formed between you and us shall be governed by English law.